Monday, June 20, 2011

Class of 2011 Blog

Intro to Shakespeare
HW: Return Books

Year review
HW: Return Books

Emily: So this is our LAST blog! :'( , I'm going to miss all you guys! You guys are the best, unique, and funny! So now it's time for me to pass it on to the next person! bye CLASS OF 2011 BABY!!:)

Hector: Dang it, Noriko said it was our last blog. It's OKAY, so yeah ......SWAG

Edwin: I hope everybody had a good time in this class like I did. Bye everybody. Take care, go soccer, I love Rango.

Wendy: Last blog class of 2011...(:

Oscar:  The last day and last blog of 2011!!!:)

Alex: My last day here. McChicken

Luis: The last blog of class of 2011

Alfredo: Hi, I'm gonna miss you all =) McCHICKEN

Guillmarck: I'm gonna miss this class.

Simone!!:  Omg I can't believe it's our last day! I'm going to miss this class so much! It was one of my best classes. We always had good times and fun, and laughs that I will never forget about. I wish the school year didn't have to end because I had the best time in this class! I'm going to miss all you guys so much next year in high school. I hope all you guys succeed next year and with the years to come. I wish all of you the best and to take care. CLASS OF 2011 ROCKS! :D<3 - Sincerely Moniii :* Yay last week of school! Can't wait until graduation. LOVE YA!!

Tony: This was a good class.

Chris: Well, the school year is over and I will miss coming to this class and laughing every day. I hope everyone has a great summer and have fun everyone. I will miss you guys!!:)

Ariana:  Ahhhh! It's our last day in this class :'( I'm going to miss everyone! I'll always cherish all our fun as a class; our good times, bad times, and all the crazy stuff we've done! I'm happy that a few of us are going to Uni but for the rest of the class, we better stay in touch! I'm gonna miss you guys so much! Ms. Nakada, you're my favorite teacher (: Good luck everyone & take care(: Love, Ariana <3 :-*

Espie: This was the best English class I ever had :)

Miguel: Best year I have ever had :]

Elizabeth: Omg it's our last day here:/ Aww. I'm going to miss everyone. I hope everyone has a great summer vacation:)

Griselda: Best class I ever had!! I'm going to miss everyone!! Hope to see everyone again someday!!!:)

Cayley: Aww I'm going to miss everyone!!!! Hope everyone has a awesome vaca :D BEST CLASS =BEST YEAR!!!:P

Robert: Good bye Ms. Nakada's 5 & 6 period and good bye class blog.

Shavon<3. I'm going to miss this class 'cause it was always FUN & NEVER boring (: & I'm going to miss everyone in it ;/ I'm especially gonna miss MY FAVORITE TEACHER Ms. Nakada<3 thank you for all that you taught me^___^ I'm going to come back to visit (me & my betterhalf Simone (: Mrs.Nakada you haven't seen the last of us ! AHA alright bye love everyone :* CLASS OF 2011 ! -Shay<3;*

Ayyee its DANIEL ;D aha, well I'm going to miss everybody! Except for Hector. aha just kidding:D Well, bye.(:

Payge:: heeeeeeey,( : Well, we're the class of 2011 & I can truly say I'll miss Ms. Nakada & her class SO MUCH! I enjoyed having her for 5th & 6th period & I loved having all of you in my class. Welp, I'm a HAMI YANKEE now, so goodbye Emerson. I'll visit soon*: bye loves ) :

That's all, fifth and sixth!  You all have been the best and are so much fun. I will miss you very dearly. Good luck in high school and when you miss me, you can always read the blog! All best, Ms. Nakada

Friday, June 17, 2011


letter to your future self...
last page of cornell notes...intro to

the diary of Anne Frank

Okay so we came in class and now were writing a letter too ourselves for the future which is in four years when were Seniors :O ! "Well monii was here!! Just stopped by to saay hii(:" Okaay well byee!<3 i just wrote a letter myself(; haha. well we were watching the moviee & it was soooo terrible back theen , hmmm but now we are heading down too the south field. ariana was here(: lol Daniel I need a nickname for you :P
then we packed up and went to the south field for free play.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paygee's last blog ? ):


The Diary of Anny Frank

Heeey, today we came into class & I have on a build.a.bear skirt(: lol, swagg. There's alot of people absent today thoe. like
Simone, Chris, Maia, & Espie :p anyways, little short stack (Hector ) chose me to do the blog. I was waaay excited :D We're watching The Diary Of Anne Frank. We're on the part where they're about to go into hiding. Daniel just waved at me,(: today I'm sitting by Delayasia & Frank. Its kinnda quiet in here today. Ms. Nakada is doing porforlio reflections & other school junk. It's 1:01 & Robert just walked in, urg >.< Then Julia walked in. I'm sleepy, >:O but im trying to stay awake. sh, Anne & family are sleeping. Some people are still taking the SPA test . My babycaaakes just walked in(: & smiled at me, lol<3 Delayasia was here iLoveYhu other half >.< <3 This movie is getting interresting, oweee ! eeew, >.< Peter has a cat. Hastings just walked in the classroom, (: I havent seen him in like FOREVER! Peter & Anne just kissed bro! ayee, Anne & the rest of the people living in that house can be set free in 06:30 hours. what ever time that is. Guillmark is making a DOPE beat, I'm saying "uh, yea, okay, uh." He's tight(8 Edgar just walked in & said he fell UP the stairs, how do you fall UP stairs? like, I really don't undertstand that-.- but anyways, moving on. . . My buddy Khalifah just walked in:) yeaah. . . They got Anne & her family because some lady snitched, that's kind of burnt out. Anne & Margot are crying:'( They're packing up they're close & they have to leave. Shavon has a thing on her head,(: The bell is about to ring, & this might have been my last blog, ): im going to cry! well bye blog. )": i love you Daniel! :D 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Woot ..we are eating Chipotle. Guillmarck drank the sour cream. Then we started watching the movie of Anne Frank, "Hitlers mustashe looks funny." Okay Soo Appareantly this is all that Hector had typed hahahahaha this is a shamee haha _____-  Soo Yeaah Okaay Byee Everyone....... Lovee Simone :* PS: Hector and Daniel are awesome and hot. WHAT DA , okayy thank you and we packed up and got ready to go.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ariana's Last Blogg :-*

Anne Frank/ 12th Night
~exit interviews
H.W. Bring books or Pay $$!

me&chris (:
Hey it's Ariana(: Chris chose me to do the blog 'cause I told him to pick me yesterday. I haven't done the blog for a long time, & it feels good being back :D So right now we're re-reading Anne Frank & summarizing scenes 1, 2, & 3. omg there's 7 days 'til school ends :'( I'm gonna miss this clas ;D & all my friends that aren't going to Uni with me :/ I do hope that we all keep in touch (: Anyways, back to Anne Frank, dang those Nazis were cruel. It's really hard to believe they killed millions of Jews.  Right now we're doing the summaries. After that, we're continuing reading Anne Frank, Scene 4Break time! brb 
[=;o9ikl csvr    
Hello its Chris just saying hi!:)

Review for final SPA
H.W. Review notes.
Bring books!

Break was all right. I went to Diacu's class lol :P Well I just took the test for Bull Run and got an 8 out of 10 :D We're reviewing for the SPA test that we're about to take in a couple minutes. It's gonna be the last SPA that we're going to take. Yaaaay! Eeeeww constructed response -.- We're taking the test and it's quiet. wow. I'm not really used to that in this class :O k I'm done with the multiple choice. Time for constructed response. ugh -.- done with the test! :D That means I've officially completed the last History test. yaaaayyyy! <:D well bell's ringing in a couple minutes so peace out! :-* -AriCari

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Blog That Has Swag Ayee By:chris!!!!;)

18week grades
portfolio reflections
hw:turn in books

Today is Monday and Shavon read her blog.Then I went to go get my shirt from the lockers. When I came back Ms. Nakada was sayinig that today is the last week she will really see us because we are graduating and next week we practice for culmination and all of those fun thinigs. Now people are passing out things. I got a c and it stands for cool!!!!!!!:) Also, we got 10 poinits that means we can do somthing cool. Gary came in and messed up my hair. Thanks Gary, and he pressed a bunch of buttons. Now we are doing portfolio reflections. Well, anyways did you know my favorite word is kay I like it because it goes with everythinig. Now its time for break!!!!:)

The Assassination of Lincoln

Well, we came back from break and simone is telling Ms.nakada if she is goinig to accept her on facebook but Ms. Nakada is too popular!!!!!!:) Now we are watching a movie!!!:))) Now we have to do a perfect paragraph.ohh btw me and my backbone Simone and I are graduating!!!!:)))))well bye I got to write a perfect paragraph!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shavon Gianna's blog :*

John Wilkes Booth
Hw: review notes

We came into class. I was happy too see Ms. Nakada back (: & teaching us. Tear. I just looked to my left to touch Hector's SOFT hands but he's not here today :/ . Anyway right now we're doing Cornell Notes. Daniel just asked a very good question he asked when we were going too use our 10points ! & Ms. Nakada said next week I hope we have CHIPOTLE<3(: . Now we are watching a movie about how President Lincoln got assassinated. FACT: Lincoln's 12 year old son died after being ill for a week. hmm well we're still watching a movie. Today is a pretty chill period. Aha; so I looked over & Kevin is sleeping. Smh, wait so is Maia :Daniel <----- lol that was Daniel. lmao so my Bh<3 just turned around and handed me back my eyeliner & Daniel tried to put it on. Anyway's we are watching the movie & John Wilkes has PROBLEMS :O ! AHA while trying to kill Lincoln he broke his ankle. at 7:22 President Abraham Lincoln<3 died :| . Hiii It's Monii Here, Well We Watched Part Of The Movie And It Was Actually Really Interesting. Well I'm Out With 2 Fingers Up High!!!!!<3;  kaay well the bell's about to ring sooo byee :*