Monday, May 9, 2011

Payge's Birthday Blog *:

English Agenda
15 weeks grades.
writrers workshop. 
makeup work.
Homework: Makeup work

So, it's Monday, May 9th & it's my birthday today(: I'm sore from being punched so much though ): But, anyways, we walked in class tooday and everyone was on time. I think we have perfect attendance! Right now, we're working on our score sheets and Leslie & Ariana are passing papers out. Oh gosh, I have to sit next too ROBERT -.- lol. I got my poems back & I got 100 out of 100 :D Robert just raised his voice at me! I can hear Simone from all the way up here and she sits all the way in the back. They have a problem with yelling, don't you agree? :p Now we're working on our History score sheets, even thoough we're in English. We have all of the papers back that we needed & the rest of the period is for writer's workshop. This desk isn't big enough for all my papers so I'm going to go back to my seat. I'll be back for history though. hey-----says hector :p & MY babycaaaakes *:

History Agenda
7th grade review
Homework: Review notes: ELA tomorrow. 

We're working on our review sheets, & I'm doing the blog at my seat by Shavon & Maia(: 
& Kevin! :O Ms. Nakada saw me back here w/ the blog, but she let me stay. So nice(: Now we're watching a brain pop :p The prefix, meso, means middle in greek. I'm a meso (middle) kid. Simone & Chris are having the loudest conversation ever, sheesh. Mesoamerica is located right inbetween North & South America. . . were watching ANOTHER brain pop. A llama just liked Tim in the face, hahaaaaaha. now . . . . another Brain Pop. blaah. ooh my, Shavon just made a very inappropriate remark! :O & so did Maia. Why must I sit by the McNasties. Now. . . another brain pop! ugh. It's about Leonardo de Vinci. It's 2:50. I'm trying to stay awake. I want chocolate ice cream! Well, the bells about too ring, so bye. 

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